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Master O-Level Organic Chemistry in 2 Days!

I am Sean Chua, Master Trainer for Chemistry in Winners Education. Many students and parents also know me as the Ten Years Series author for O-Level & A-Level Chemistry.

Do you know there are less than 3 months to the O-Level Pure Chemistry Paper 2?

What this means is ‘Are you ready in your basic Chemistry concepts and application skills to score confidently in this year O-Level Chemistry examinations?’

I have been conducting the Organic Chemistry Topical Workshop since 2008 to help struggling students to

  • Summarize large junk of information into digestible bits
  • Understand this major topic clearly
  • Solve data-based application questions, guaranteed to be tested in examinations
  • Reduce memory work to a minimum
  • Score as high as possible in this heavy weighting topic!

Some of you might wonder about the effectiveness of this workshop since it is so near to O-Levels!

This is precisely the reason why I am still conducting this workshop during this period as most schools teach Organic Chemistry as the last topic in a rush rush manner and most students are unable to understand, find it confusing.

Are you one of them?

Since Organic Chemistry consists of many small subsections, many students are overwhelmed with the huge amount of content and thus lose confidence in their Chemistry.

“She can understand your lesson very well and for the first time, she says she likes Chemistry. Thank you for rekindling her interest in Chemistry. She has also expressed her interest in the weekly class.” 
Mr Cher, Father of Cher Yi Jia, Nan Hua High School, D7 to A2 in 4 months! 

I will be covering 100% of O-Level Organic Chemistry. It includes the following:

  1. Fuels & Crude Oils
  2. Homologous Series & Functional Groups
  3. Naming of Organic Compounds
  4. Isomerism
  5. Alkanes
  6. Alkenes
  7. Alcohols
  8. Carboxylic Acids
  9. Esters
  10. Macromolecules
  11. Application Questions

Organic Chemistry Workshop

Date & Time: 9 & 10 August 2017, 9am to 1pm

Bonus Booster Session

Date & Time: 31 August 2017, 10am to 1pm

Venue: 261, Waterloo Centre, #03-21, Singapore 180261

2014 GCE O-Level Chemistry 5073 – Paper 2 Post Mortem

[For Singapore Students taking 2014 GCE O-Level Pure Chemistry Exam; Subject Code: 5073]

Chemistry Paper 2 Post

How do i put it? Besides getting our students to study very hard on ALL topics, i must say that we were pretty lucky this year. In the last 2 weeks of revision, we went through a couple of concepts which came out almost exact in Paper 2 (Written) on Tuesday 28th Oct 2014 and are worth lots of marks, namely:

  • Titration Curves which appear in 4 pages of Paper 2
  • Multiple-Step reactions involving Dibasic Acid e.g. H3po4 + NaOH

In terms of topics, let’s take a look at what have been heavily tested in Paper 2 (Written Paper) according to our own students as well as comments that we gather from facebook/twitter/blogs:

  1. Experimental Chemistry (not tested in Paper 2)
  2. Methods of Purification & Separation (not tested in Paper 2)
  3. Identification of Ions and Gases a.k.a. Qualitative Analysis (not tested in Paper 2)
  4. Kinetic Particle Theory (not tested in Paper 2)
  5. Atomic Structure (not tested in Paper 2)
  6. Chemical Bonding and Structure of Matter (about 3 – 4 marks in Paper 2)
  7. Formulae, Stoichiometry and the Mole Concept (about 4 marks in Paper 2)
  8. Electrolysis (one whole question in Paper 2)
  9. Energy from Chemicals (a few marks in Paper 2)
  10. Speed of Reaction (about 2 marks in Paper 2)
  11. Redox (about 2 marks in Paper 2)
  12. Acids and Bases (about 2 marks in Paper 2)
  13. Preparation of Salts (not tested in Paper 2)
  14. Ammonia (about 2 marks in Paper 2)
  15. The Periodic Table and Group Trends (one whole Data Bank Question in Paper 2)
  16. Metals and Reactivity Series (about 2 marks in Paper 2)
  17. Air and the Atmosphere (not tested in Paper 2)
  18. Organic Chemistry: Fuels, Alkanes, Alkenes, Alcohols and Carboxylic Acids (lots of marks in many questions in Paper 2)
  19. Organic Chemistry: Macromolecules (few marks being tested in Paper 2)

Based on what have been tested in Paper 2 (Written), we are looking forward to the following concepts to be tested in Paper 1 (MCQ) on 11th Nov 2014:

  • Experimental Chemistry
  • Methods of Purification & Separation
  • Identification of Ions and Gases a.k.a. Qualitative Analysis (lots of marks?)
  • Kinetic Particle Theory
  • Atomic Structure
  • Preparation of Salts (lots of marks?)
  • Speed of Reaction
  • The Periodic Table and Group Trends (lots of marks?)
  • Metals and Reactivity Series (lots of marks?)
  • Air and the Atmosphere (lots of marks?)

Now, let us be even more strategic.

Paper 1 consists of 40 multiple-choice questions (total of 40 marks) and the weightage is a WHOPPING 30%, in case you are not aware of it. Doing well in Paper 1 will definitely bump up your overall Chemistry grade. In view that Paper 1 is only for 1 hour, you must not waste time. In fact you have an average of 1.5 minutes for each question.

If you are a student taking your GCE O-Level Pure Chemistry (syllabus code: 5073) and would like a final dash to score 40/40 marks, i welcome you to join us in our annual Score 100% MCQ Workshop on 8 Nov 2014.

All the best for the final Chemistry paper. See you at the finishing line.

PS: Feel free to share this blog post with your friends who will benefit from it! Keep sharing & learning! 🙂

2014 GCE O-Level June Intensive Revision (Topical) Workshops

Every June Holidays, we have a committed group of students that come to our June Holidays Intensive Revision (Topical) Workshops to master their Chemistry concepts. These students (and their parents) realised that June Holidays is perhaps the LAST CHANCE for them to really master Chemistry – and they continue to do well for their GCE O-Level Examinations in less than 5 months time!

[Average grade for our O-Level Pure Chemistry students is A2 Distinction for 2013 batch. Many came to us with D,E and F grades]

For the 7th consecutive years running, this June Holidays, we are going to reveal and expose this powerful, effective and fun set of strategies and show your child how he can instantly apply these techniques to boost, enhance and clarify his understanding in solving examination questions.

“My results improved from E8 to A1 for my O Level Chemistry in just 4 months! Thanks for making Chemistry so interesting and easy to understand! You really Inspired Me! Strongly recommend you to those who need help in Chemistry!”
Shawn, Yuhua Secondary School, E8 (Sec 4 Mid-Year) to A1 (O Level)

Students, parents and even school teachers were often shocked … and then amazed at extremely effective yet rarely taught examination strategies that equip, guide and even motivate under-performing students to improve their understanding whenever they are applied…

Our set of ‘Secrets’ have allowed students to Achieve More Than 6 Grades Jump in their O-Levels Examinations and receive priority invitation to enroll into their desired JC/Poly within a very Short Period of Time

We welcome your child to join us in this annual event and to Achieve More Distinctions in Less Time, even if he has not been passing his Chemistry examinations.

Chemistry Revision Class 2010

This June Holidays, i will be personally coaching a committed group of students on the following Key Essential Chemistry topics:

CM1 : Chemical Bonding
CM2A : Acids, Bases & Preparation of Salts
CM2B : Qualitative Analysis (QA)
CM3 : Mole Calculations
CM4 : Redox & Electrolysis
CM5 : Organic Chemistry

The Topical Revision Workshops are highly participative and covers the following key areas:

  • Comprehensive 100% coverage of each topics
  • Build up a strong Foundation of Essential Concepts
  • Learn and apply strategies on Real examination questions
  • Give examiners the Keywords that they are looking for to give you Full Marks
  • Understand the Common Mistakes made by many students and how to Avoid it

Click HERE to register for the Pass With Distinction – Intensive Revision (Topical) Workshops.

Small class size. Limited seats left!

PS: 50% of the seats have already been taken up by students for key workshops

“I feel that the O-Level Chemistry lessons have been very effective and has helped to grasp the basics of Chemistry and letting me realise that it is actually quite easy and I hope that this programme will be carried on for future years. I also find Mr Chua an effective and dedicated teacher, even staying back after class to help me.”
Ethan Lim, C6 to A1 (in 3 months), St Joseph Institution

“We should be the ones who should thank you – ever since she started going for your Intensive Revision, Nadea has been doing well in Chemistry. You’re truly an inspiration to your students!”
Sharen Aslam, Mother of Nadea Merchant, Tanjong Katong Girls’ School (TKGS)

Results don’t lie! They have all improved! Is your child ready to unleash his potential?

Click HERE to register for the Pass With Distinction – Intensive Revision (Topical) Workshops.

PS: We can issue a Letter of Attendance to show that your child is attending our intensive workshops, so that he can be excused from school activities.