I am honoured by the kudos from my former students & friends, and the enduring friendships I have enjoyed as a result of my efforts in coaching.

It has been a constant source of joy, knowing I have helped so many young leaders to maximize their resources and unleashing their potentials. I am glad that all of them are doing well in their walks of life; with majority studying in higher education in areas that interests them & where their passion is. All of them are still keeping in touch with me and we do share experiences, opinions and help each other in any ways that we could.

If you don’t take action today, will you honestly be where you want to be one year later from today??? Will you honestly be any closer to what you aim to achieve in life? It’s up to you… …

What Did Others Say About Sean’s Coaching Methodologies?

“Thanks for guidance, help and the tips that you have taught me during this one month. I am really glad to have a tuition teacher like you who can connect the whole picture and make me understand the rationale. Thank you for always bearing with me when I keep on asking you about acid bases and salts. Furthermore, I am happy that I have learnt many things from you-things that can never be picked up from the textbooks. It really helped me a lot”
Joel, Zhenghua Secondary School, D7 (Sec 4 Prelims) to B3 (O Level)

“Mr Chua (Sean) has made many concepts and topics more understandable and comprehensive. Also, there were many times I had questions that could not be answered by the textbook and Mr Chua (Sean) has always been able to provide me an answer. There were also times where exam questions will come out that were not reflected in the textbook but he has been able to help me understand how to approach the question. I would highly recommend Mr Chua (Sean) to those that face challenges with Chemistry Concepts because he is a good coach and he truly deserves it. He is also the type of person who encourages and gives direction to students so that we not only learn to overcome the challenges but learn to love them.

Thank you Mr Chua (Sean) for helping me inculcate a great love for the sciences (yes, not just Chemistry)! I truly appreciate all your help, because I believe that the passion of my studies that you have helped me developed will bring me to great heights in life. Thank You and never stop teaching cause it’s what you are good at Mr Chua (Sean)”
Ruth Ng Hui En, Crescent Girl’s School, C5 (Sec 3 Mid-year) to A1 (Prelims)

“Sean has made it possible for me to understand certain Chemistry Concepts much better. There are several fundamentals that he insists on me knowing it, that i initially thought of skipping. His analogies and ways of relating chemistry to everyday life is very apt and makes it easier for me to grasp the concepts. With a good grasp of the fundamental concepts, it was so much easier for me to tackle other tough chapters like Acids, Bases & Salts, Electrolysis, Mole Concepts and Chemical Analysis. Appreciate your help Sean! I would highly recommend Sean to you, especially you face problems in understanding those Chemistry Concepts, cos he makes it so simple to relate to. ”
Cheney Wong, St Andrew School, D7 (Sec 4 Mid-year) to A1 (O Level)

“He revises with me through the topics and gives me extra knowledges.For questions that i am unsure of, he will try his best to help me with them. He helps to clear my doubts on questons that i have regarding the chapter or subject.Sometimes he gives me notes and questions for me to solve and have a better understanding of the topic”.He is a very good teacher, a good tutor, a good coach who is able to help students score ‘A’s”
Joan Ng, Chung Cheung High School (Main) A1 for EOY Chemistry

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“Sean’s teaching approach has helped me to understand major and tough topic in a easier way. He has also teached me the methodology and strategy used in tackling difficult questions. I strongly recommend Sean to you because he is very friendly and approachable. It is easy to understand the way he teaches. He always finds analogies and everyday examples to relate to the Chemistry Concepts in order for me to learn effectively. Thanks Sean!”
Hannah Woo, Clementi Town Sec Sch, E8 (Prelims) to B4 (O Level)

“My results improved from E8 to A1 for my O Level Chemistry in just 4 months! Thanks for making Chemistry so interesting and easy to understand! You really Inspired Me! Strongly recommend you to those who need help in Chemistry!”
Shawn, Yuhua Secondary School, E8 (Sec 4 Mid-Year) to A1 (O Level)

“Sean is a good chemistry coach who will always do his best to solve my doubts. He will ensure that he is providing the right information to prevent me from getting confuse. He is willing to answer any questions for him asap. He is able to teach well to ensure that I will understand and at the same time, spread his love for science (especially chemistry) to me. I have benefited greatly from his lessons with also knowledge given on other science-related issues. He has also helped in greatly in my school work such as projects and even tests. Thanks!”

“Thank you for all your efforts and explanation. They are greatly appreciated! I understood Redox much better after that. Thank you Mr. Sean and I would surely recommend you to all my friends!”
Jennifer Wee, Tanjong Katong Secondary School

“Hey Sean, Just wanna take this opportunity to say thank you for all the hard work you have put in for improving my Chemistry Grades =) Thank You and HAPPY TEACHERS’ DAY. =)”
Stephanie Chan, Choa Chu Kang Secondary School

“I cannot thank you enough for the little pep talk at the end of your subscriber’s e-mail. I know you send it to everyone, but right now I needed that vote of confidence. It did not matter from where. You have been a great help and I am so grateful that you exsist. If I ever make it through “thanatochemistry” and “anatomy and physiology” I hope to some day help peole like you and your organization in operation. Again Thanx! Pedro”
Pedro Flores, PTC.EDU, United States

“Thanks for all the help. Seriously, i went from a B- to A- because of you!”
Jill, Tacoma Community College, United States

“I’ve indeed benefit from your blogs. Presently, am writing the ongoing GCE O’level. Am actually a Nigerian and am indeed grateful to you. Especially for owning a wonderful site like this and for being there to help people like us who see chemistry as a subject difficult to comprehend. I really don’t have much to say rather than praising you for a job well done. Though I still encounter difficulty in some areas. Thanks once again.”
Gracious, graccy4doc@yahoo.com

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