F-R-E-E O Level Chemistry Exam Questions

* F-R-E-E GCE ‘O’ Level Chemistry Exam Questions for download?

* F-R-E-E Top School Preliminary Chemistry Exam Questions for download?

Over the last few months, i noticed a sudden surge in numbers of students that surfed the internet for F-R-E-E Chemistry Exam Questions. And many of them start to get to know about this Chemistry Blogsite when they google or other search engines for “Chemistry Tips“, “O Level Chemistry” or “F-R-E-E Chemistry Exam Questions“.

Yes. All along we have been using exam-based questions to open up discussions on Chemistry Concepts and Basic Essentials. Suggested answers were also contributed by many students and educators (both locally and globally), with myself being the last person to close each blogpost with my suggested answer and add-on tips. These questions are usually from GCE ‘O’ Level Ten Years Series or Top Singapore Secondary (High) Schools’ Preliminary Examinations.

Many students are still surfing the internet for free exam-based questions. Now, you can easily get access to Cambridge GCE ‘O’ Level Chemistry Exam questions to do your revision.

For those in Singapore, just head towards any of the major bookstore to get a copy. A copy is less than $10 I believe. And you can use it for Sec 3 & 4 ( otherwise known as Grade 9 or 10).

It is IMPORTANT to finish the what we called it the Ten Years Series as it consists of usually 10 years of exam-based questions. Some students do it several times over and over again – because there are several question that keep repeating itself.

Of course you can continue to get F-R-E-E Chemistry Exam questions from my blogpost, but there are certainly much more questions in the Ten Years Series. My suggestion is to post question in this blog-site whenever you come across tricky and tough questions in the Ten Years Series, so that we can discuss about it.

For overseas students, you may purchase any of the books resources mentioned easily as well. I have put up a few copies of the different versions of the GCE O Level Chemistry Exam Papers in “BookStore“. I can assist you on getting the copies you need. (I want you to learn as well – as i have yet to implement the Online Coaching System for Year 2008, but i wish to help you as much as possible to score the marks that you truly deserve in Chemistry!)

Personally, I suggest you to just get a copy of the Ten Years Series and Get Into Action Consistently! Till now, I do not know of any websites which actually offer F-R-E-E GCE ‘O’ Level Chemistry Exam Papers besides mine. Let me know if you know the existence of such sites so that i can share with the rest. =))

All The Best To Your Academic Success in Chemistry,
Master Trainer

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  1. Use electrolysis. If nvr split, it is an element. It must be molten state to determine whether it is an element or compund.

  2. Hi, please assist. What two tests can i do to establish if a certain powdery substance is either a compound or element?

  3. Hi!
    I am a student who studying in GCE O level.
    I live in Myanmar (Burma).
    That why I am so poor to buy GCE books.
    Please, send me the handout if you can.

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