Mole Calculations Mastery Workshop – Successful Completion


It was another Awesome event! In 1 full day of Focus Learning, we managed to share our knowledge on Mole Calculations to a group of students committed to their success, and ensuring that they are equipped with all the essential basic concepts to handle all kinds of application questions in upcoming major chemistry examinations.


We have gone through step-by-step comprehensively (with exam-based questions) on Writing Chemical and Ionic Equations, Meaning of Spectator Ions, The Mole, Molar Mass & Mole, Volume of Reacting Gases, Volumetric Titrations, Concentrations (mol/dm3 & g/dm3), % Compostion of  Compound, Emprical & Molecular Formulae, Molar Gas Volume, Limiting & Excess Reactants, % Yield and % Purity.

Following are some of feedbacks by our students that attended the Mole Calculations Mastery Workshop:

“Just like my previous experience with the Organic Chemistry Mastery Workshop, Sean has a very different and unique approach in ensuring that his students would fully understand everything that he taught. His method of teaching is truly remarkable and amazing as he managed to make me, who have absolutely no interest and understanding of Chemistry, clear my doubts and removing my hatred for Chemistry. Thanks a lot Sean!”
Chua Tok Sheng, Bedok South Secondary School

“I’ve gained a lot from this workshop, and in 8 hrs I’ve learnt so much more, as compared to learning it for 2 months or so in learning centers elsewhere. The step-by-step explanations really aided me in my answering techniques, and because of this I will be able to apply it in my work. And, I think I have started to like Chemistry already! =)”
Sivhanyaa, Paya Lebar Methodist Girl’s School


“Although it is a whole-day 8 hrs course, I really learned many things. All the while, I love Chemistry but I just didn’t know how to score. I hope by attending this programme, my marks can improve =)”
Pearlyn Woon, Chung Cheng High School(Main)

“Before this Mole Calculations Mastery Workshop, I have no interest in Mole Concepts at all, and I think it sux. However, after Sean’s coaching and with the help of the concise (yet comprehensive) notes provided, I am now much more confident in solving questions involving Mole Calculations, And the lunch was great!”
Edwin Soh, Gan Eng Seng School

“If I have known about this programme earlier, I rather skip my chemistry lesson and not get confuse with Chemistry concepts.”
Cohen Tan, Bedok Green Sec School

“Before I came to this Mole Calculations Mastery Workshop, I thought it would be intensive and tiring. After it all, I felt that as if time passes very quickly. This is because, I am learning. When one is engrossed in doing what he or she is doing, time would seems to fly. The food and the environment is great! I am sure the following workshops would have the same standard and even get better and better. Flip-charts and motivational slogans are helpful in perking me up. MOLE ROCKS!”
Marcus Goh Kang Rong, Queensway Sec School

“I find this very helpful towards my understanding of this topic and that it has of course, helped me in my understanding of this topic Mole Calculations. Sean is also able to deliver his concepts well such that it does not create confusion in my mind.”
George Chan, Queensway Sec School

“I understand more in Mole Concepts now! It has helped me greatly, in clearing all my doubts on Mole Concepts. The notes are all helpful and much clearer than those my teacher gave. Sean has gone through, guide through the various steps in answering Mole Concepts’ questions.”
Sheryl Lim, Queensway Sec School

“It helped me see an overview of Mole Concepts clearly in a short timing of 8 hrs. I think that the Flip-charts on the wall are very useful in helping me to memorize the concepts. Overall, I think the Mole Calculations Mastery Workshop is great!”
Serena Chia, Pasir Ris Sec School

“I am from 4-Normal. I came to learn Mole Concepts just to get the taste of how tough it’s going to be since my seniors have been complaining that this is a killer topic. Yes, before I came, I don’t uynderstand anything about Mole Concepts. After joining, I know more about Mole really is.Thank you Sean, for everything. He is a very good teacher.”
Amanda, Xin Min Sec School

“This programme has shown me that Chemistry can be done easily, and I just have to follow the steps given by Sean. Though I am still not as good in which numbers to sub in properly, the programme has increase my interest and I will give it more hard work. Overall, the place is nice and comfortable. During the holidays, I will definitely invite my friends to join me for the upcoming 5-days Intensive Revision Bootcamp. Lastly, thank you lots!”
Brenda Ang Xiang Mei, Woodgrove Sec School

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