Master Everything On Mole Calculations In 3 Days!
For Sec 3, 4, 5 Chemistry students ('O' level Pure Chemistry or Combine Sci, IGCSE, IB & IP)

From Desk of Sean Chua

Why Mole Calculations Mastery Workshop?

Mole Calculations also known as Formulae, Mole Concepts and Chemical Calculations is the #1 Killer Chemistry Topic for many students based on my 12 years of Chemistry Coaching.

In 'O' Level Chemistry (and IGCSE), Mole Calculations is a very important component: it is the topic which is integrated with any other Chemistry topics as observed in past few years of GCE 'O' Levels papers. Mole Calculations will be tested on in every Chemistry Exams. Can your child afford not to be a master in this topic? Just like Calculus is the language for Mathematics, Mole Concept & Calculations is the heartbeat for Chemistry. Imagine how your child state of mind will be affected when they cannot handle the Mole Calculations in their 'O' Levels while their peers are cruising through the papers, just because they knew the strategies to solve the questions!

Does your child face challenges in the #1 Chemistry Killer Topic - Mole Calculations? If your child is confused about Mole Calculations and doesn't know how to apply what was taught, here's the solution. Learn how to go from clueless in Mole Calculations to understanding clearer the concepts and the strategies to apply in real examination questions.

Stop struggling and start succeeding. Learn from Sean Chua who can show your child the step-by-step how to master Mole Calculations in 3 days.

Be Personally Coached by Master Trainer for Chemistry

My name is Sean Chua. I am the Master Trainer and Founder of - No. 1 website on, for 'O level Chemistry Tips'. I am also the author of the best selling Chemistry Guide Book "Up Your Chemistry Grades Now!". Sold over 14 countries.

I am the creator and trainer for

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  • 'O' Level Acids, Bases & Salt Mastery Workshop
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Over the last 12 years, I have coached hundreds of students from over 80 Secondary Schools to achieve the marks they truly deserve. I have also rekindled their interest in Chemistry so much so that many of them are furthering their study in chemistry-related courses and in fact, a handful of them will be joining the booming chemical industry.

I want to invite your child to come and spend 3 days together where I will be coaching and delivering proven, effective Mole Calculations tips, strategies and scoring formulae which have consistently worked for my students. All I ask is that your child comes with an open mind, a willingness to participate and we will take care of the rest.

At the Mole Calculations Mastery Workshop, your child will Participate & Learn:
How to write Word Equations
How to deduce Chemical Formulae of compounds
Balancing of Chemical Equations involving state symbols
Determination of Ionic Equations
Calculation of Relative Atomic Mass
Calculation of Relative Molecular Mass (Mr)
Application of Concepts on Isotopes and Its Effects
Calculation of Empirical Formulae & Molecular Formulae from relevant data
The Mole & Its Calculation
 Calculation of % Mass of An Element in a Compound
Concept of Molar Gas Volume
Calculation of Stoichiometric Reacting Masses
Calculation of Stoichiometric Volume of Reacting gases
Determination of Limiting & Excess Reactants
Application of Concepts on Solutions Concentration (in mol/dm3 or g/dm3)
Volumetric Titration & Its Calculations
Calculation of % Yield & % Purity from relevant data


 Here's what past participants say about Mole Calculations Mastery Workshop:
"This programme has allowed me to clarify many of my doubts about Mole Calculations and served to boost my confidence in tackling such problem sums in Chemistry. It is different in that it focuses only on Mole Concepts & Calculations, and as such resolves the issues I have with this topic effectively. I would of course recommend it to anyone that is unsure of coping with Mole Calculations."
Marylyn Tan, Singapore Chinese Girls' School 2009


"Before I came to this Mole Calculations Mastery Workshop, I thought it would be intensive and tiring. After it all, I felt that as if time passes very quickly. This is because, I am learning. When one is engrossed in doing what he or she is doing, time would seems to fly. The food and the environment is great! I am sure the following workshops would have the same standard and even get better and better. Flip-charts and motivational slogans are helpful in perking me up. MOLE ROCKS!"
Marcus Goh Kang Rong, Queensway Secondary School 2008


"The workshop is very engaging and it helps me gain interest for Chemistry. I have a better understanding towards Mole Concepts now and is able to work on a lot of questions that were never possible for me to solve before. The lessons are very clear and detailed, and I would definitely recommend this workshop to my friends who are weak in Chemistry as it has successfully built up my fundamentals for Chemistry."
Lovin See, CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls School 2009


"Just like my previous experience with the Organic Chemistry Mastery Workshop, Sean has a very different and unique approach in ensuring that his students would fully understand everything that he taught. His method of teaching is truly remarkable and amazing as he managed to make me, who have absolutely no interest and understanding of Chemistry, clear my doubts and removing my hatred for Chemistry. Thanks a lot Sean!"
Chua Tok Sheng, Bedok South Secondary School 2008


"It helped me see an overview of Mole Concepts clearly in a short timing of 8 hrs. I think that the Flip-charts on the wall are very useful in helping me to memorize the concepts. Overall, I think the Mole Calculations Mastery Workshop is great!"
Serena Chia, Pasir Ris Secondary School 2008


"It helped me to understand better the concepts of Mole Concepts & Chemical Calculations. I learnt how to solve the questions using a faster and more effective way. Now, I won't make so many mistakes when I do questions on this topic. Very effective since the workshop size is small. Mole Concepts & Chemical Calculations are actually not tough, as long as you understand the concepts & strategies well. Recommend it to friends."
Anthea Zee, Holy Innocent's High School 2009



Here's What Your Child Will Gain At The Workshop:

Comprehensive coverage of 100% fundamental concepts of the GCE 'O' Level Mole Calculations syllabus through Associations, Analogies, Applications & Accelerated Learning Technologies

Hand-Hold Step-by-Step teaching to ensure full grasp and understanding of concepts through Power Notes organized for effective learning

Categorizing questions & Identifying the correct formulae to use quickly
Specific strategies on how to analyze challenging O Level-based questions selected on the latest MOE Curriculum
Practice Application-type questions through Effective & Time-Saving Problem Solving Strategies
Instilling Confidence to score in calculation questions



How Mole Calculations Mastery Workshop Works:

  • Your child will be taught the fundamental concepts during the workshop and each concept is reinforced through 'Quick Check' questions which are real examination questions.
  • Your child will be requested to participate in all class discussions, questions & answers. This ensures active learning and more information can be retained longer.
  • Your child will be invited to raise doubts and questions on Mole Calculations during clarification period.
  • Your child will be taught how to apply concepts to solve application questions.
  • Your child will also be provided comprehensive materials for easy understanding and revision.

Hi Sean, just want to say a BEEG thank you being an inspiring teacher. Your passion for Chemistry & dedication in teaching are a great motivation & inspiration to your students. You do not choose only the 'A' grade students but inspire them to be. Because of your help, Tim (Timothy) improved his Chemistry and was able to spend more time brushing up other subjects. Thanks! Rgds, Mrs Ho"
Mrs Ho, Parent of Timothy Ho, Gan Eng Seng School, A2 (2009 O Levels)


"It seems to be easier to understand. It has helped me to have more confidence when doing Chemistry. If my friends had the opportunity to attend these intensive programmes, they would readily accept."
Nikhil A Bheeroo, College du St. Espirit, Mauritius
(International student, flown in for 7 hours to attend the workshop)


Hi Sean. Would like to share about Zamann''s results. He got a B3 for Chemistry. Thank you very much for your guidance. From Mid-Year (F9) to Prelims (C5) to B3 (O Levels 2009) in just 3 months! Without your guidance, he will not be where he is now. He is eligible for JC and Poly. I sure will recommend you & Winners Education Group to others! =)"
Suhana, Parent of Khairuzamann, Temasek Secondary School, B3 (2009 O Levels)


Mole Calculations Mastery Workshop Details:
Date & Time 15, 16, 17 March 2010, 9am - 1pm
Venue YMCA Orchard Building
(Dhoby Ghaut MRT; Opposite Cathay Picturehouse Cinema)
Fees $630

Register Now! Seats are limited!

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BONUS #1 : 8 weeks Email Coaching
Get your questions on Mole Calculations answered by Sean within 48 hours. This is our commitment towards your child academic success!

(Worth $400)
BONUS #2 : Mole Calculations Mastery Videos 
10 sets of challenging exam questions simplified and explained in a step by step manner for accelerated learning and application.
(Worth $250)


Total                   $650

If you encounter problem with signing up the workshop, please call us 9685 7675 / 9828 7357

See your child at the workshop!

PS: Calculus is the language for Mathematics, Mole Calculations is the heartbeat for Chemistry. Can you afford for your child not to be a master in Mole Calculations?
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