More Errors in Marshall Cavendish GCE ‘O’ Level “Chemistry Matters” Textbook – Part 3

If you have been following this chemistry website for awhile, you would have noticed the recent blogposts to inform all students based in Singapore about the printing errors in Marshall Cavendish “Chemistry Matters” reference textbook, as follows:

Error on Page 271 – under Electrolysis

Error on Page 393 – under Organic Chemistry

We have written to Marshall Cavendish to clarify these errors and their Pub Manager (Science) as well as Assistant Managing Editor has confirmed the validity of these errors, and corrections will be made in the next reprint.

At the same time, the Assistant Managing Editor has also been very kind to our students and readers of this chemistry blog – by informing us of other printing errors in the book, as indicated below:

Additional Error on Page 393 – under Organic Chemistry


On page 393, Figure 22.3. Methylpropane should end with the H atom instead of the carbon atom.
Some students thought it is 2-methylbutane instead.

Additional Error on Page 443 – under Organic Chemistry


On page 443, Exercise 25, Question 4, option B should be C3H6.

Additional Error on Page 305 – under Energy Changes


On page 305, Test Yourself, Question 1, delete ‘/mol’. It should read “… value in kJ, for the reaction.”

Hope this information helps.

PS: Let me know how you feel about it. I would love to hear from you.

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3 Responses to More Errors in Marshall Cavendish GCE ‘O’ Level “Chemistry Matters” Textbook – Part 3

  1. Dear Sean Chua Sir,
    Could uyou please give me the answer of all exercise of G.C.E O level chemistry Matters, I would be thankful if you sent me a copy by mail
    Thanks& regards,
    Md.Ashifur Rahman
    O level Chemistry Teacher

  2. Hi Varda,

    Thanks for your msg.

    We have not heard of any errors in the book that you are using.

    All the Best!

  3. the errors you pointed out are quite school is using this book*chemistry matters* but i am using another book of Marshall Cavendish *Chemistry-a course of o’level*.i guess it is the old edition.i wanted to ask if there are errors in this book too.please tell me if there are any….my exams are near!

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