O Level Chemistry – Secrets of Redox & Electrolysis Series


For the next 1 week or so, i will be writing and discussing on the basic essentials concepts for Redox & Electrolysis.

Starting with this blog-post i will kick start a Series knows as “Secrets of Redox & Electrolysis“, where we will again discussed on some exam-based questions to see how much we have learned.

For local students taking GCE ‘O’ Level Examinations, these is what you need to know academically:

  • Pure Chemistry StudentsRedox Chapter & Electrolysis Chapters
  • Combine Science (Chemistry) StudentsRedox Chapter only

Based on the SEAB syllabus requirement, you will need to know the following learning outcomes:


  • Define Oxidation & Reduction (Redox) in terms of oxygen/hydrogen gain/loss
  • Define Redox in terms of electron transfer & changes in oxidation state
  • Identify Redox reactions in terms of oxygen/hydrogen gain/loss, electron gain/loss & changes in oxidation state
  • Aqueous potassium iodide & acidified potassium dichromate(VI) in testing for Oxidising & Reducing agents


  • Define Electrolysis
  • Apply the idea of Selective Discharge based on

(i) Cations: linked to the metal reactivity series
(ii) Anions: halides, hydroxides & sulphates
(iii) Concentration effects (electrolysis of conc. & dilute aqueous NaCl)

  • Predict the likely products of the electrolysis of a molten binary compound such as NaCl
  • Predict the likely products of the electrolysis of an aqueous electrolyte (dilute & conc. solutions)
  • Predict the likely products of the electrolysis of water
  • Construct ionic equations for the reactions occurring at the electrodes during the electrolysis
  • Electrolysis of aqueous copper(II) sulphate with copper electrodes as a means of purifying copper
  • Electroplating of metals, e.g. copper plating, and its uses
  • Simple Cells & the production of electrical energy

And these are two chapters that have about 20 marks in your GCE ‘O’ Level Chemistry Examinations – which also means you need to know them! No way for you to skip them!

Coming soon in next blog-posts…………..Definition of Reduction, Oxidation, Redox Reactions & Exam-based questions

Stay Tuned!!!

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