O-Level Chemistry Video: How to Measure the Rate of Chemical Reactions

Chemical reactions occur at different rates. We need to know and have the ability to control the rate of chemical reactions in our daily life. We want some reactions to proceed faster (industrial processes to produce products in a short time) while others to proceed slower (slow down the process of rusting of steel and iron objects).

For Chemistry students, we learnt that a chemical reaction is a process in which the reactant changes into the product. By rate of reaction, we mean how quickly a reactant is used up or how quickly a product is being formed. It is important that we are able to measure the rate of reaction of any chemical reactions accurately.

There are essentially two main ways of investigating the rate of chemical reactions:

  1. Measure the time take for a reaction to be completed
  2. Measure changes that occur over a period of time during a reaction (more common in chemistry examinations)

In the video below, you will learn:

  • how to determine the rate of reaction by measuring the changes (i.e. volume of gas as well as mass of reaction mixture) that occur over a period of time during a reaction
  • how to draw a rate graph and describe the shape

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Direct link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TL5SO0lbdMM


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