Organic Chemistry Mastery Workshop – Successful Completion

It was another Awesome event! In 2 days (in fact in 8hrs plus) we managed to share our knowledge on Organic Chemistry to a group of students committed to their success, and ensuring that they are equipped with all the essential basic concepts to handle all kinds of application questions in upcoming major chemistry examinations.

We have touched base comprehensively on Fuels and Introduction, Homologous Series, Functional Groups and the Physical & Chemical Properties of all families of organic compounds. We have also covered extensively on Macromolecules with lots of industrial and everyday life examples.


Graduation Class Photo


Smiles all over..


Macromolecules in Actions

Following are some of feedbacks by our students that attended the Organic Chemistry Mastery Workshop:

“This magnificent workshop has truly benefitted me a lot by making me understand all my doubts about Chemistry (especially Organic Chemistry). Aside from that, it has motivated me to out in more effort in Chemistry. This is more motivational than other learning & motivationak organisations like XXXX XXXX who simply charges but yet their purpose is still not achieved. Mr Sean Chua would definitely receive more of my support in future and i will certainly recommend others to him.”
Chua Tok Sheng, Bedok South Sec School

“The pace of this workshop if just right and this has been an educational yet enjoyable experience. Sean has made learning chemistry both fun and informative with his comical actions and witty jokes. I would definitely attend more of his workshops in the future. Thank you for changing my impressions of chemistry.”
Leonard Tan, St. Andrews School

“My school teacher rushed through the Organic Chemistry topics so i don’t understand it. This workshop helped me to understand all about Organic Chemistry and the notes provided are very useful.”
Edwin Soh, Gan Eng Seng School

“I think it has opened my mind to much newer knowledge in which i would never get the chance to learn in my school. Also, the explanations are very clear and precise which would not create confusion or which makes me have problem understanding.”
George Chan, Queensway Sec School

“Better than my school. Mr Chua go through the basics essential concepts first, which is better which allows me to get my foundation right.”
Audrey Auyong, CHIJ (TP)

“Sean Chua helped me to reinforce my understanding of Organic Chemistry. I find his method of teaching very novel.”
Cai Wenrui, Saint Joseph’s Instituition

“This program has definitely benefitted me a lot. I have learnt more than what i have learnt in schoola and learnt how Organic Chemistry is applicable to our everyday life, This programme is different from others i have attended as it involves a closer interaction to life and science. I would recommend my friends about their programmes.”
Marcus Goh Kang Rong, Queensway Sec School

“This programme has helped me revised for Organic Chemistry. I feel confident of getting an A1 for my O Level Chemistry.”
Martin Huang, Swiss Cottage Sec School

” I leaned much more on Organic Chemistry that my school teahcer has not covered. And i understand more on those parts that i was not familiar with. The pace is just right.”
Sheryl Lim, Queensway Sec School

” I think this Organic Chemistry Workshop is good! It helps me to understand the topic alot better, as well as it helps me with my upcoming test (to prove to my Chemistry teacher that i can pass for this Topic!!!!)”
Ang Jing Ting, Fuhua Sec School

“Once again, Mr Chua has been able to provide more understanding to the Chemistry Topics that i do not understand. Although i had not learnt Organic Chemistry before, his 8 hrs workshop has let me understood much more about it. His notes are very useful. The course has benefitted me as i learnt so much in just 8hrs.”
Kwee Jun Wei, Maris Stella High School

“The pace was just right! I have learnt more about Organic Chemistry chapter. Thanks alot!”
Joscelin Chew, NanHua High School

“I learnt and understood more about Organic Chemistry. The notes are helpful and now i can remember more about Organic Chemistry. Thanks Alot Sean!”
Lim Shi Ping, Zhonghua Sec School

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