O Level Chemistry – Physical & Chemical Properties of ACIDs

Today, we are going to look into the properties of Acids. In Chemistry learning, whenever we talk about properties, we will always look into both the Physical & Chemical Properties of the substances.

1. Acids have a SOUR taste
2. All acids are SOLUBLE in water
3. Acids solutions turn BLUE litmus paper RED
4. Acid solutions have a pH values < 7
5. Most acid solutions are CORROSIVE
6. All dilute acids CONDUCT ELECTRICITY due to the presence MOBILE IONS in solution

So far so good on the Physical Properties of Acids, now let’s look on the Chemical Properties then..

1. React with reactive metals (above H in Reactivity Series) to form Salt & Hydrogen Gas
2. React with Metal Carbonates to form Salt, Carbon Dioxide & Water
3. React with Bases/Alkali to form Salt & Water (Neutralistion Reaction)

Is this GOOD or GOOD??? Let us know see how much you have learnt, by checking out some exam-based questions.

Quick Check 1:
Name the products of the following reactions:
(i) zinc + hydrochloric acid
(ii) iron + sulphuric acid

Quick Check 2:
Which property does hydrochloric acid have?
A. It liberates ammonia from ammonium salts
B. It reacts with any base to give a salt
C. It reacts with any metal to give a hydrogen
D. It turns red litmus paper blue

Quick Check 3:
Which substance is not used to prepare zinc chloride by reaction with hydrochloric acid?
A. zinc carbonate
B. zinc hydroxide
C. zinc nitrate
D. zinc oxide

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  1. Is the reaction of acid that relese hydrogen ions when mix with water are one of the chemical properties?

    Need yr answer to confirm my exam answer 🙂

  2. 3. Acids solutions turn BLUE litmus paper RED

    This is definitely a chemical property

    Why did you say that’s a physical property?

  3. This is a nice chemistry blogsite for students. I got answers here to my confusions.

  4. I am injoying this website even more than my text book, becouse the english are simple to understand.

  5. Hi Ehis,

    Thanks for the encouragement!

    You can check the answers above (my reply to others).

    To Your Academic Success in Chemistry,
    Sean Chua
    Master Trainer & Author

  6. Hi Ehis,

    Thanks for the encouragement!

    We are improving this chemistry website for Basic Chemistry students to benefit more through self-questioning and participative mode.

    To Your Academic Success in Chemistry,
    Sean Chua
    Master Trainer & Author

  7. Hi Mohammed Talha,

    Good to see you adding on some other properties.

    For your Point 1 – Do note that NOT all compounds that have hydrogen atoms are Acids.

    Sean Chua

  8. my answers are:
    1-zinchloride+hydrogen and ironsulphate+hydrogen
    2-B OR C–( i think both are correct please help me which one is not correct and why)
    Love thos site…it helps a lottt!!

  9. My answers are 1) zinc chloride + hydrogen gas iron11susulphate + hydrogen gas. 2) B 3) c i love this chemistry lessons and i need more of it

  10. There are a few more chemical properties of acids which I would like to be displayed:
    1)Acids are compounds containing hydrogen as one of the elements.
    2)Acids also react with water to give hydronium ions and acid radical.

    Anyway this site is very helpful.
    Thanks a lot.

  11. Hi Lavender,

    Quickchecks 2 and 3 are correct!

    For quickcheck 1, the name of the salt produced are correct but you forget that there will be hydrogen gas produced also in such reactions.

    Hope you find this useful.

  12. Hi Rashika,

    I am glad you find this chemistry blogsite helpful to you.

    Chemistry is in fact very enjoyable and enriching. But you must be open to accept the concepts behind it.


  13. Hi HI!

    These are my answers, hope you can grade them please!

    Quickcheck 1:
    (i) zinc chloride
    (ii) iron (II)sulfate

    Quickcheck 2:

    Quickcheck 3:

  14. sir can u plz provide me the notes of chem gce o levels ! i am from pakistan! i would be very thankful to u!

  15. Hi Yogi,

    I am glad this humble chemistry blogsite is helpful towards ur learning.

    Do check out our recent blogposts.

    See you around participating =)

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  16. Hello Shafia Hassan,

    I am glad this humble chemistry blogsite is helpful towards your mastering of Chemistry.

    Check out other recent blgoposts and do participate in the discussions.

    See you around!

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  17. I had forgotten my book at school and had test the next day this website really helped me preparing for that because i got all the related stuff i needed….Thankyew verry much! keep roking

  18. Thanks Natalie for the encouraging words.

    I am glad students like you are benefitting from this Chemistry Blogsite.

    Until maybe next year, where i will start Online Coaching for overseas students, that is what i can help overseas students for the time being.

    For those students based in Singapore, i can do more for them as i am running public Chemistry workshops & intensive revision bootcamps to complement what they have learned in schools, and sometimes to add on something interesting for them, so to make learning Chemistry more fun, more easily.

    Btw, where are you from and which educational system do you follow?

    For Singapore, we subscribe to Cambridge GCE O Levels.

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