O-Level Chemistry TYS Book


GCE O-Level Pure Chemistry Ten Years Series Topical Edition GCE O-Level Pure Chemistry Ten Years Series Yearly Edition

Features of Book:

  • Concise Topical Revision Notes
  • Step – by – Step Worked Solutions for ALL Questions
  • Suggested Approach for Solving MCQ Questions
  • Topic-by-Topic Classification for Effective Learning
  • Included: Common Mistakes, Bonus Tips for Reinforcement of Essential Concepts
  • Answers (Separate booklet)

Author: Sean Chua

Publisher: Fairfield Book Publisher

How to buy a copy:

For students and parents in Singapore, the books are available in all Popular Bookstores. Look out for FBP Publisher logo. Click here for your nearest Popular store location.

Buy Online:

GCE O Level Chemistry Topical Worked Solutions. Buy a copy now!

We apologize this book is not available for overseas readers.

10 Responses to O-Level Chemistry TYS Book

  1. Yes the book is written for students taking GCE O-Level Pure Chemistry (or its equivalents) in Singapore.

    Hope the information helps.

    Enjoy learning Chemistry,

  2. May I ask? Is this for Pure Chemistry, or…? I will be taking pure chem for Os this year (2014) and I wanna find a good book to practice. Any suggestions? This one?

  3. This blog contains close to 400 blogs and a large part of them are Chemistry Tips and discussion of exam-based questions.

    Do a search on the on the search field on the top right hand side of the page with key words on the topic that you need help in.

    All the best to your learning!
    Sean Chua

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