Pass With Distinction: Chemistry

Features of Book:

  • Thought – provoking application questions on topic by topic
  • Categorized into multiple choice questions (Paper 1) and structure questions (Paper 2)
  • Answers are provided for all questions, including structure questions


  • Challenges students’ ability to apply concepts in problem solving
  • Strengthen Chemistry understanding to a higher level
  • Increases students’ exposure to highly challenging questions
  • Triggers more in-depth thinking and analysis
  • Suitable for O-Level students aiming for ‘A’ grades in O-Level, Integrated Programme (IP), International Baccalaureate (IB) and IGCSE students

Author: Sean Chua

Publisher: Shinglee Publisher

How to buy a copy:

For students and parents in Singapore, the books are available in all Popular Bookstores. Look out for “shinglee”  logo.

Buy Online:

Pass with Distinction – Chemistry (By Topic). Buy a copy now!

We apologize this book is not available for overseas readers.

6 Responses to Pass With Distinction: Chemistry

  1. Dear Sean Chua.
    I am from tanzania.I would like to buy your chemistry books for o level and A level. Please help me if possible.

    Charles okore

  2. Dear Sean Chua.

    I am from Pakistan. I want to buy all of your O and A level chemistry books. Kindly help me regarding this.


    Fahmeed Qadir

  3. Hi Mw,

    Thank you for your msg.

    Pass With Distinction – Chemistry is NOT a 10 years series book.

    If you are keen to get hold of a 10 years series book written by me, you can check out local bookstores for the purple colour book called “GCE O Level Topical Chemistry”. It contains 1) Summarised Notes per topic 2) Past 10 years Cambridge Questions 3) Detailed Answers with Explanations.

    For Pass With Distinction – Chemistry, it contains questions that were conceptualised by me personally to get students to think through what they have learned in school about the key concepts on each topic. Questions here are slightly more difficult than the 10 Years Series book. The aim is to stretch the students abit more so that they understand how to apply the key concepts, rather than just memorising facts.

    Hope this helps.
    Sean Chua

  4. Hi, I would also like to know how is this book different from other 10 yr series ? Are the questions from the past year o level papers ? If buy this book, still need to get the other chemistry books mentioned in ur website ? Are the answers error free and accurate ? Thanks

  5. Hi Mr Cheok,

    Thank you for your comment / enquiry.

    I have replied via your email.

    Sean Chua

  6. Hi. Am looking at your book “Chemistry – Pass With Distinction”. Can I know what differentiate this book from the other 10 year series and assessment books.

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