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  1. On the ‘Coke with mentos experiment’

    Does the reaction (whereby foam stats to form) take place due to acidic properties of the Coke ?

    I.e. Alkali + carbonate-> salt + co2 + H2O

  2. Sir I wanted to have the book pass with distinction.Is it needs to be purchased? If not please can you send me a copy of this book to my mail.If it happens that would be too great.

  3. Hi Clarissa,

    Thanks alot for your encouragement.

    It is encouragements like yours that have been fueling my energy to continue this Chemistry blog which is f-r-e-e for all to use, learn and share.

    I am glad that you find the Chemistry videos beneficial towards your learning.

    Will take your suggestions into serious consideration and do more videos on Redox Rxns, Qualitative Analysis and Mole Concepts.

    Meanwhile, you can actually search for non-videos posting/discussion in this blog on the above topics.

    I have covered alot of discussion on common mistakes as well as strategies to solve exam-based questions over the last 4 years.

    Search using the top right hand corner using keywords like “Redox Reactions” or “Mole”.

    Keep learning, Enjoy the Process
    Sean Chua 🙂

  4. Hi Mr Chua,
    I just want to say that your videos in Chemistry has been beneficial towards my learning. Started looking at your videos when I was 14 . I would want to suggest you to do more videos on redox reactions , Qualitative Analysis and Mole Concept .

  5. Hi mr.Shean chua, am so interested with ur work and i would like to purchase any chemistry book from your company

  6. Hi Nathaniel Heng,

    Thanks for the introduction.

    Hope you are enjoying yourself here at

    I reckon you are either taking IP program or under the GCE O-Level syllabus, and will be progressing to Sec 3 in ACSI next year.

    The discussion in this blog will be suitable for your learning of Chemistry.

    If you are looking for Maths Tips & Discussion, you can take a look at, a Maths Blog started by my colleague at Winners Education Centre.

    Enjoy your learning!
    Sean Chua

  7. I wish to purchase the following books:

    Up your Chemistry Grades
    Pass with Distinction: Chemistry

    Please note that I am from Mauritius.

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