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2008 GCE “O” LEVEL TOP STUDENT – What’s the Secret!?

2008 GCE O-Levels topped by a CHIJ girl

Congratulations to all that have done well!



I have always been emphasizing this point to students under my coaching (as well as their parents) that there is no such thing as “Miracle” or “Short-Cut” in academia, especially when it comes to Chemistry which requires you to understand the Essential Concepts before you can use it to solve Application Questions.

Of course, i have empowered many students to score well and improved in very short-time period through my different coaching programmes. But i must make clear that it is the student that put in 110% focused and efforts that made it possible for themselves. They have put in many nights and days of Hard Work to compensate for the lack of consistency and regular revision.

But to Top a cohort in exams, you would need to have Regular Revision & Consistent Hard Work! It is also crucial to review your past test and exam papers, especially those that you have got it wrong before-bcos there is a 80% tendency that you are going to repeat the same errors/mistakes again. Up Your Chemistry Grades Now! chemistry book that was written by me in August 2008 aims to help students in this area…that many students have neglected. She understand this point clearly since the start.

For those reading this blog and going to take the GCE O Levels in 9 months time, it is time to start WORKING HARD & REVISING REGULARLY!

You could be the TOP STUDENT FOR 2009!

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