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2021 Common Last Topic for O Level & A Level

The Common Last Topic highlighted in yellow (syllabus content) will not be tested in 2021 O Level/A Level National Examination. Click on the SEAB link for more details.

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Subject (Code)CLTSEAB Link
O Level Pure Chemistry (6092)Organic ChemistryO Level Pure Chemistry
O Level A-Maths (4049)Plane GeometryO Level A-Maths
O Level E-Maths (4048)VectorsO Level E-Maths
A Level H2 Chemistry (9729)Transition MetalsA Level H2 Chemistry

With reference to 2020 O Level Pure Chemistry Exam Papers. There’s a lot of organic chemistry questions (and marks allocated) which was struck off (and NOT replaced by questions from the key topics). As such, students must now ensure that they know their other topics very well, especially the smaller and less important topic. That few questions from such “smaller” topics now suddenly has very high weighting’s when it comes to marks.

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