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All The Best to Your Chemistry Paper 2: Theory Exams


Hi local chemistry students,

We have been waiting for this day, isn’t it? ?In 9 hrs time, it will be your O Level Chemistry Paper 2 Exams,?which will?also kick start your O Level Exams proper.

As usual, i would like to share with you on some?basic BUT important?“Before-Exam Tips!”

Things to Do before Exams!

  • Collect the things you need – 2 or more pens, pencils, rulers, erasers, a watch for timing yourself, & definitely your calculator
  • Get yourself a Good night’s sleep – so that you are fresh and alert in examination room. Last minute revision at late night is of no benefit for most
  • Have a good breakfast tomorrow morning – you can’t be hungry while trying to answer those questions

To Your Academic Success in Chemistry,
Sean Chua
Master Trainer

PS: I will continue to share more Multiple-Choice-Questions in the next 2 weeks, in order to prepare you on your O Level Chemistry Paper 1 MCQ Exams in Nov.

PPS: For overseas readers as well as ICGSE, IB and IP students, those questions that i will be discussing will be equally suitable for your learning. Just that i am following GCE O Level Chemistry Syllabus for discussions all this while.

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