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O Level Chemistry: Redox Reaction Question 1

Hi Students,

We have received a welcoming email enquiry for explaination of answers to several Redox Reaction questons, by a subscriber of this website. Hey Jennifer, first of all? – Well Done! for taking the time and effort in drafting the email and sending us the questions. This is already your 1st Step towards your academic success in Chemistry. Sharing of thoughts and asking questions to clear your doubts is essential to scoring well for your GCE O Level Chemistry.

Below is the 1st question. Derive how you will get the answer.

1. Which one of the following is usually described as a reducing agent? Ans: A
A) carbon monoxide B) concentrated sulphuric acid C)copper(II) oxide (D) Sodium oxide

Hope to hear responses from readers as well as subscribers.

Remember – trying to answer in the way you think is important. You should not have the mindset that you need to get the perfect answer now. I would really prefer you to make mistakes here – get corrected – and then move on to score perfectly in GCE O Level Exams.

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