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O Level Chemistry Questions – Qualitative Analysis (QA) / SPA Tips

Interesting question sent in by another student:

From the scan in the attachment,- How do you answer question 20? How do you know how the different indicators will behave when they are mixed together?-

What’s the correct answer for Q21 and Q22.

Some potassium carbonate solution is added to a sample of tap water. The mixture then appears cloudy. Which of the following ions is probably present in the sample?

A) Bromide ions

B) Magnesium ions

C) Ammonium ions

D) Sulphate ions

Yea, I have no clue how to do this question

What is observed when hydrogen sulphide gas is reacted with iron(III) chloride solution?

What happens when iron is heated with sodium oxide?* Hmm, for this question, isn’t there like no reaction. Cause iron is less reactive than sodium right, so it won’t displace sodium & won’t react? Evidently I’m wrong cause it’s a 5 mark question though. How?

I cant seems to understand Chemistry even i have attended Chemistry Tuition as well as having Chemistry Tutor. It was recommended by a relative, but does not work at all.

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