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How to Revise for Chemistry Examinations (O Levels Chemistry Revision)

For Chemistry, there is no way you can score well in examinations just by memorising the facts and definitions in your Chemistry Textbooks or Chemistry Notes.

The way to learn effectively is to make sure you understand the essential chemistry concepts. For revision, it is recommneded that you tackle it in a topical basis first, before coming back to do a summary of how the different topics are interlinked together (if you do not realised there’s interlinking in the different topics, then this be a RED ALERT for you).

Before beginning to revise a topic:

During the revision of the topic:

After revision of the topic:

With the proper “closure” of the topic, celebrate with little success by doing something you like (not too much time taken thou) such as get a cola drink, get an ice-cream, read some magazines or papers, half an hour of video games or FACEBOOK/MSN etc. You need to learn how to enjoy and reward yourself in order to be motivated to continue on. [if your parents disallow that, you can refer them to this humble website].

But you cannot play me out – i.e. don’t say this website encourage you to play 5 hrs of games/FACBOOK.MSN after only revising 1 topic. You will kill get me into trouble…haha =)

Once you have revised at least once for each chapter that is tested in your Mid-Year Examinations – it is time for you to close all notes and just look @ your content page. We need to do an overall summary of it. Based on your sub-headings – i want you to close ur eyes and try to recall as many small points / facts on each sub-headings. You would realise that many of the terms used are actually re-occuring in our topics.

I hope you will find the above Examination Strategies / Tips on Revising for Chemistry Examinations (Chemistry Revision) useful to you.

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Study hard!

To Your Academic Success in Chemistry,

Sean Chua

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