O Level Chemistry & IP Chemistry Notes by 10 Year Series Author – Chemistry Specialist

How to Revise for O Level Chemistry Effectively & Quickly

For Singapore students taking the O Level Chemistry Examination, your Paper 2 (Written Exam on Chemistry Theory) will be in 14 days time. For the next 2 weeks, i will be sharing with you on specific tips and strategies on how to Revise for your O Level Chemistry Exam and Score your As!

The O Level Chemistry Examination not only tests the number of chemical facts and definitions you have remembered, but also if you know how to apply the chemistry concepts and solve application problems.

About 30% of the marks are given for recall of facts and definitions, the rest are for understanding and applications of chemistry concepts.

Following are?Skills required to?DO WELL?in O Level Chemistry Exam:

As you can see, a large part of the marks will come from Definitions and essential Chemistry Concepts. You will?DO WELL if you know all the above points..

But if you are looking for a QUICK FIX to get you the As that you truly deserve, then you would need to know exactly what the examiners are asking you so that you know how to answer accordingly to score FULL MARKS.

I am currently busy writing the finishing touches to a new book called “Up Your Chemistry Grades Now!”.

How do you like the idea of scoring the marks you truly deserve by knowing what examiners are looking out for? Yes! It is exactly what this book is for.

For now, I would like to invite you (especially the graduating students)?to take a peep at some of the main highlights of the book which include:

– Gloosary of terms & KEY DEFINITIONS you?need to know
– Examination tips and strategies
– Common Errors Made by Most Students and How to Avoid them
– Tips and Strategies of studying for killer topics

This Introductory section is ready now! I am certain you will love this!

To get hold of this Introductory section, simply go to this url
(I am only limiting to 100 copies, so act fast!)

PS: For the Graduating Students taking exams in 2 weeks time – i have decided to launch the book in these few days so that you can benefit from it, do come back to this website to get hold of this precious book.

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Many know me as the Ten Year Series book author for JC A-Level H2 Chemistry and O-Level Pure Chemistry. My 19+ years of coaching experience (since 1999) with more than 1500 students from 180+ JCs and Secondary Schools has allowed me to understand the true reasons why students are not able to perform well in Chemistry. Most importantly, my strength lies in using everyday analogies (even grandmothers can understand!) to simplify abstract concepts. Also, my teaching methodology has been designed to be fun, enjoyable and effective for my students. If you want to have an enjoyable time learning Chemistry and being motivated to excel in Chemistry, contact me today at 98287357
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