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"Who Else Wants Your Child To Score an
EXTRA 40 Marks to get an
'A' grade for their Chemistry
enroll into their
First Choice JC or Poly Course competitively?"

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Many students who ace Chemistry know the importance of Paper 1 MCQ, in fact many of them edge out their friends by doing exceptionally well for MCQ to achieve their A in O levels. Chemistry MCQ has a weighting of 30%!

Both students score the same marks for Paper 2 Structured and Paper 3 Practical but Student B achieves 20 out of 40 marks for Paper 1 MCQ and gets an B4 overall (i.e 64.0% only) while Student A achieves 37 out of 40 marks for MCQ and gets an A1 overall (i.e 76.8%) ! (See the table below)

Scoring 100% in Chemistry MCQ is definitely possible, in fact easy when your child knows 'The How'!




With 16 days between Chemistry Paper 2 Structured and Paper 1 MCQ, do you have any idea what your child will be doing? Will he be revising for Chemistry Paper 1 MCQ?
Or is he more likely be spending his time on computer, going out with friends... and leaving revision to the eve of the Chemistry Paper 1 MCQ?


Let us share with you the different students we have met over the years...   
Type of Students

How will the workshop benefit your child? 

No matter which type of student your child is, as long as they are committed to score 100% for Paper 1 MCQ, they will learn:

  • The right mindset to prepare for Chemistry MCQ to score 100%

  • The exam strategies (Proven & Tested) to complete the Paper confidently

  • The common mistakes many many students make and the ways to prevent themselves from making those mistakes

  • How to spot the tricky questions that can make or break your child's goal of getting A

  • How to finish the Paper fast and accurate, with time for checking

Score 100% O-Level Pure Chemistry MCQ Workshop means

100+ Selected Qns

Post Workshop SMS support


Who are you and why should I listen to you?

Sean Chua is the Master Trainer and Founder of - No. 1 website on, for 'O level Chemistry Tips'.

Over the last 18 years, he has coached thousands and thousands of students from over 180+ schools to achieve the marks they truly deserve.

He has also rekindled their interest in Chemistry so much so that many of them are furthering their study in chemistry-related courses and in fact, a handful of them will be joining the booming chemical industry.

He is also the invited author for

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 "This programme tells me the topics that I am weak in and it emphasises the importance of getting full marks for Chemistry MCQ. I have learnt to manage my time wisely, which is crucial in doing Paper 1 as I usually could not finish the paper. I learnt more about the strategies of doing MCQ and revise on key concepts. I hope I am able to get full marks and I will recommend this to anyone taking O-Levels." 
Cher Yi Jia, Nan Hua High School

"This workshop has benefitted me by clearing misconceptions and also by pointing out key words in the question that will help me solve the question. Even though it is whole day, it feels that times flies. I am still not tired and it was also fun. I would recommend to my juniors and cousins."
Justin Lum, Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary) 

"It has helped me understand my misconceptions about my weaker topics. Mr Chua is entertaining and a really great Chemistry tutor. The programme enhances my learning experience in Chemistry. I have gained more confidence in attempting Chemistry questions."
Chloe Ng, Crescent Girls' School

"It has benefitted my by giving me the chance to practise. It has also helped me to revise and remind me what I have forgotten." 
Ryan Lee, Chung Cheng High School (Main)

"It has been really helpful in revising all the topics and I now know the topics I need to work on. I feel more confident and I know how to approach the questions.
Kirti Menon, Tanjong Katong Girls' School

"Very beneficial and very helpful!!! We did a lot of different questions spanning all sorts of topics so it was really helpful in revision!" 
Caitlin Loh, Methodist Girls' School

"It highlighted the topics I need to revise and it trained my time management. I feel more confident in tackling the paper." 
Kynan Lam, 
Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary) 

"This programme has helped me to revise my concepts once more before the exam and allows me to attempt a variety of questions in different categories to allow me to know which topics I am weaker in. It is interactive and lively. I understood and clarified some doubts that I have previously."
Dionne Yap, Chung Cheng High (Yishun) School

"It has managed to reinforce some concepts that I was not so sure of. The explanations provided was done in a simple way that I could understand. I find myself enjoying Chemistry more and I feel good when I can understand. I will recommend it to my friends." 
Shannon Koh, Crescent Girls' School

"It has helped me clear my concepts regarding the questions I was unsure of. It provides detailed analysis of tougher questions and has helped me to revise the important chapters for Chemistry. I would recommend this workshop to my juniors in MGS." 
Elysia Wong, Methodist Girls' School

"It is good that Sean has organized this workshop to focus on the MCQ of Chemistry paper as it is often a paper that teachers and students alike will neglect. Through the workshop, he covers tricky and common mistake MCQ questions, which is very helpful. His cheerful and lively teaching approach learns to keep everyone awake and in focus. Thanks Sean for everything! Definitely recommended to other students in future."
Edna Chan Zhi Yin, Hougang Sec School

"This MCQ workshop has been the most effective and excellent workshop I have attended so far. Not only do we refresh our awareness for every Chemistry chapter, we also learn how to manage our time and speed to effectively score our best in our MCQ paper. Complex theories and questions have been explained plainly yet clearly that I can understand immediately. I sincerely believe I am better prepared for the Chemistry MCQ paper after the workshop and confident of doing well. Thanks for everything! I would surely recommend this programme to everyone who does the O-Levels" 
Immanuella Lim Hao Ni, St Margaret's Sec School

"Daniel had A1 for his O level Chemistry and A2 for Physics.  This was a surprise as he has always been better at Physics. I attribute it to the Chemistry MCQ workshop you conducted just before his exam. Thanks."
Mrs Tay, Mum of Daniel Tay, Victoria School

Amirah, CHIJ Secondary School

Nicole Ong, TKGS

Jerome Mum
Jerome Choo, Yishun Town Secondary School

Zhi Fei
Chew Zhi Fei, Riverside Secondary School

Natasha Yeo
Natasha Yeo, St Margaret's Secondary Sch

Deborah Chen
Deborah Chen, PLMGS

Loh Jing Jie

Loh Jing Jie, Pei Hwa Secondary Sch

Ong Sze Teng

Ong Sze Teng, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' Sch

Nadea Merchant

Nadea Merchant, TKGS

Doreen Gan
Doreen Gan, Commonwealth Secondary

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If your child is serious to Score 100% in their Chemistry MCQ paper, they need to know these:

  • Tricky questions: what's and where's the trap and how to avoid it at all cost

  • How to identify the right keywords to choose the correct answer

  • 1 method (effective and easy to use) to choose the answer fast and accurate

  • Dos & Don'ts on how to prepare themselves mentally for the Chemistry MCQ Paper 1

  • The right method to revise for Chemistry MCQ Paper 1 (It's different from preparation for Chemistry Paper 2)

  • How to choose the best answer when they are unsure

  • The hot favourite key topics for Chemistry MCQ questions

  • Exposure to all the different types of questions in the last 10 years

  • The correct thinking process to cope with challenging MCQ questions

  • How to check effectively for MCQ Paper

  • The must know equations, formula, key concepts for MCQ

  • How to have the luxury of time (20 minutes or more) for checking MCQ

I'm going to reveal to your child the SECRETS they need to know and master to Score 100% in MCQ during the workshop, regardless of how they might fare in the Paper 2.

Details of the workshop

Score 100% O-Level Pure Chemistry MCQ Workshop

(Registration of workshop will close early without prior notification)

I look forward in seeing your child at the workshop!

Sean Signs

PS: This workshop is not a pure "Drilling MCQs" programme. It involves explanations in a step by step manner, highlighting the important concepts for students to understand and hidden traps for them to uncover. Yes, part of the workshop is designed for participants to complete sets of MCQ in a timed environment so that they experience for themselves the pace they must have on the actual day.

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