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O Level Chemistry – Mini Series on Tough MCQs Part 4

Most of you would have finished most of O Levels Papers by now, and left with Paper 1 of Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Combine Science (Chem/Bio) or (Chem/Phy).

I realised that many students have started to have their holiday mood, and in fact already enjoying as though holiday has arrived.

Wait. Don’t get me wrong! Of course, it is important to relax awhile before their last papers, especially when their “last papers” are 1 week after the “second-last papers”. I can’t agree more that students should celebrate the little success, and enjoy abit of what they like to do during this one week, before their last papers. Students – You Have Been Working Hard! Kudos!

However, i must re-iterate that Paper 1 Examinations hold alot of marks for your subject. For example, Chemistry Paper 1 has a weightage of 40 marks which is translated to be 30% of your final Chemistry Grade. That is ALOT of marks to Score! So while you are enjoying now, do spend a few days to re-cap and practice more MCQs questions before your Chemistry Paper 1 next week.

Here is a couple of tricky MCQ questions that i have came across:

(Click image to have clearer view)

Question 1:

PS:Remember to try out the questions and leave your answers and reasoning in the section “Leave A Reply” below

Question 2:

Question 3:

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