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O Level Chemistry – Mini Series on Tough MCQs Part 4

Sometimes i really?wonder?on the?methods used by students to revise their academic subjects.

Over the years, i have received hundreds of emails enquiries from students asking for help in Chemistry questions.?I am definitely glad to help them sought out their correct concepts on Chemistry Theories, but certainly not by answering any questions posed to me, without even given me their answers, workings, reasoning or thoughts.

Learning is about acquiring the knowledge and applying them , be it in tests, exams, projects or as a working adult.? Just by trying to get?all answers to all the questions they have come across?(without going through their own thoughts)?does not mean they are going to Score the definite As in Exams!

Recently, i received severals emails from students asking me to supply them with answers asap to any questions that i have posted in this website. I will definitely share my suggested answers and reasonings/workings, but i believe the best way YOU CAN LEARN is to participate (by having your own answers and reasonings) before asking?for the correct answers.

Just by reading does?NOT allow?you to master something, especially in academic Chemistry! So if you a student preparing for your O Level Chemistry Paper 1 in less than 10 days time, i would strongly urge you to try out the questions on your own first.

Here is a set of MCQ questions on Qualitative Analysis to prepare you for Chemistry Paper 1:

Question 1:
Which ion, in aqueous solution, forms a white PPT when dilute sulphuric acid is added?
A. Ag+(aq)
B. Ba2+(aq)
C. Cu2+(aq)
D. Fe2+(aq)

Question 2:
Which gas is evolved when an alkaline solution of sodium nitrate is warmed with aluminium?
A. Ammonia
B. Nitrogen
C. Nitrogen Dioxide
D. Oxygen

Question 3:
A colourless gas is denser than air. It neither burns nor supports the burning of a splint. What could be the gas?
A. carbon dioxide
B. chlorine
C. helium
D. hydrogen
E. oxygen

PS: Rmbr to try out the questions using the knowledge that you know

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