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O Level Chemistry – Mini Series on Tough MCQs Part 1

Heard from many of my students that O Level Chemistry Paper 2 (Theory Exam) was much easier than they have expected. It seems like majority of the questions are pretty basic and they can handle it pretty well. This applies to both Pure Chemistry & Combine Science (Chemistry) papers.

GOOD FOR EVERYONE! Hope all our local GCE O Level readers are doing well for it. Keep up the good work!

However, it also means that Chemistry Paper 1 (Multiple Choice Questions MCQs) would be much tougher. This is almost always the trend in Major Examinations, to even out the difficulties levels between papers.

As such, from today onwards i will start to share with you on the tough & tricky MCQs that i have come across over the last 10 years. I shall call this Mini Series on Tough MCQ!

Click Images to see clearer.

Question 1:

Question 2:

PS: Best Way to learn is to Try Out the questions & leave your comments (answers) right below, so that other students can come in to share their thoughts. I will eventually come in to share with you my suggested answers and reasonings.

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