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O Levels Chemistry Exams Revision – How to Revise Quickly & Effectively

For Singapore-based O Levels students (both Pure Chemistry and Combine Science Chemistry), you will be taking your GCE ‘O’ Levels Chemistry Examinations in approximately 3 months time, for both Paper 1(Multiple Choice Questions, MCQ) & Paper 2 (Written Exam on Chemistry Theory).

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With your school’s Preliminary Examinations (2 weeks – 1 month time) coming, I understand that most of the O Level students are frantically trying everything to revise through what your school has gone rush through for the past months. Many are feeling lost because for the last months, you have been spending most of your time in Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) and Singapore Youth Festivals (SYF) 2009. I am glad you have stepped down on all of these activities. Many have also struggled understanding on the topics of Ammonia & Air / Atmosphere (most school skipped them totally) as well as Organic Chemistry (rushes through to finish syllabus in school). GCE O levels Examinations is just 3 months away! Let’s FOCUS!!!

For the next 3 months, i will be sharing with you on specific tips and strategies on how to Revise for your O Levels Chemistry Exam and Score your As!

Let us see what you need to know =)

The GCE ‘O’ Level Chemistry Examination not only tests the number of chemical facts and definitions you have remembered, but also if you know how to apply the chemistry concepts and solve application problems.

About 20-30% of the marks are given for recall of facts and definitions, the rest are for understanding and applications of chemistry concepts. This is contrary to the many beliefs by parents (and students) that by plain memorising at the eleventh hours, you can score well in Chemistry exams by rote-learning and memorising your way to victory. This is a definite NO-NO!

Following are the skills required to DO WELL in GCE ‘O’ Level Chemistry Exam:

As you can see, a large part of the marks will come from Chemistry Definitions and essential Chemistry Concepts. You will DO WELL if you know all the above points.. Sounds like a tall-order? You can do it if you put in the effort! Check with you teachers to clear any misconceptions that you have. That is what my current group of Chemistry students has been doing – asking me questions before / after class, sending me questions via email / facebook, etc..

But if you are looking for a QUICK FIX to get you the As that you truly deserve, then you would need to know exactly what the examiners are asking you so that you know how to answer accordingly to score FULL MARKS.

In October 2008, i have launched a Chemistry guidebook Up Your Chemistry Grades Now! that took me more than 2 years to compile. At present, hundreds of copies have been sold to over 11 13 countries (London, South Africa Saudi Arabia & Brunei among the latest addition).

Q) How do you like the idea of scoring the marks you truly deserve by knowing what examiners are looking out for? Yes! It is exactly what this book is for.

Main highlights of this book include:

– Glossary of terms & KEY DEFINITIONS you need to know
– Chemistry Tips & Exam Strategies
– Common Errors Made by Most Students & How to Avoid them
– What Examiners are really looking out for in your answers

You can take a peep and download the Introductory Section by CLICKING HERE ! I am certain you will love this!

NOW! Like i always tell my chemistry students, don’t take a word i say until you are certain about it.

>> Hear what students / parents say about the book by CLICKING HERE!

Until the next blogposts, Take Care and Study Hard!

Best Regards,

Sean Chua

Master Trainer for Chemistry & Author

WINNERS Education Group

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