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O-Level Chemistry: Score 100% MCQ Workshop (6th Year)

Note: Singapore students who are taking GCE O-Level Chemistry Paper 1 (MCQ) on 12 Nov 2013

Every year during this period, i will share with students (and their parents) how they can boost their Chemistry grade even if they didn’t do well in your Paper 2 (Structured Questions). It’s by focusing their attention and energy on Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) Paper 1.

It requires sheer determination!

I know exactly how you will feel with most papers completed and just the MCQ Papers towards the end of O-Level. I’m here to help: I’m here to keep you from being complacent, I’m here to help you to prepare confidently for your final dash!

Score 100% in Chemistry MCQ will definitely boost your results! Its weighting is 30%!

Yesterday, you completed HALF the race – Chemistry Paper 2 (Written Exam).

From SMS, facebook and twitter messages i have received yesterday, some students said it was easy while another group mentioned that it was tricky. Whatever the case (easy or tricky), this is not important now. The important thing is that you are only half-way through the race.

To win the race, you must have the perseverance and never-give-up spirit all the way till Chemistry Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) paper on 12 Nov.

It isn’t easy, I must admit. There are so much distractions and mentally, you could be tired with major papers completed by this week. Everyone could be in celebratory mood since what’s left are mainly the MCQ papers (perceived by most students to be easy). Hmm …… complacency kills!

This is what happened to a lot of O Level students over the past years! (Plus the fact that if this year’s Paper 2 is relatively easy, the more you should be mentally prepared that Paper 1 would be CHALLENGING!)

So come on, WAKE UP! You must stay focused and persevere to score well for your Chemistry MCQ Paper 1. It’s all about how we finish, do we finish strong?

On my part, I’m training a very committed group of students on 9 Nov 2013 to fight against distraction and focus on the remaining part of the race: Pure Chemistry MCQ worth 40 marks! A whopping 30% weightage for Chemistry!

If you’re committed to scoring your A for Pure Chemistry, I invite you to join us.

Score 100% O-Level MCQ Workshop 2013 (6th Year)
Date: 9 November 2013
Time: 9 am to 5 pm
Venue: Kaplan City Campus @ Wilkie Edge, Selegie Road.
Suitable for: GCE O-Level Pure Chemistry Candidates 2013

“It is good that Sean has organized this workshop to focus on the MCQ of Chemistry paper as it is often a paper that teachers and students alike will neglect. Through the workshop, he covers tricky and common MCQ questions, which is very helpful. His cheerful and lively teaching approach learns to keep everyone awake and in focus. Thanks Sean for everything! Definitely recommended to other students in future.”
– Edna Chan Zhi Yin, Hougang Sec School

We are left with 2 seats only. Register now!

Click here to register.

All the best to your exams! =)


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