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O Level Chemistry – Physical & Chemical Properties of ACIDs

Today, we are going to look into the properties of Acids. In Chemistry learning, whenever we talk about properties, we will always look into both the Physical & Chemical Properties of the substances.

1. Acids have a SOUR taste
2. All acids are SOLUBLE in water
3. Acids solutions turn BLUE litmus paper RED
4. Acid solutions have a pH values < 7
5. Most acid solutions are CORROSIVE
6. All dilute acids CONDUCT ELECTRICITY due to the presence MOBILE IONS in solution

So far so good on the Physical Properties of Acids, now let’s look on the Chemical Properties then..

1. React with reactive metals (above H in Reactivity Series) to form Salt & Hydrogen Gas
2. React with Metal Carbonates to form Salt, Carbon Dioxide & Water
3. React with Bases/Alkali to form Salt & Water (Neutralistion Reaction)

Is this GOOD or GOOD??? Let us know see how much you have learnt, by checking out some exam-based questions.

Quick Check 1:
Name the products of the following reactions:
(i) zinc + hydrochloric acid
(ii) iron + sulphuric acid

Quick Check 2:
Which property does hydrochloric acid have?
A. It liberates ammonia from ammonium salts
B. It reacts with any base to give a salt
C. It reacts with any metal to give a hydrogen
D. It turns red litmus paper blue

Quick Check 3:
Which substance is not used to prepare zinc chloride by reaction with hydrochloric acid?
A. zinc carbonate
B. zinc hydroxide
C. zinc nitrate
D. zinc oxide

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PPS: This post belongs to a series of blogposts that is associated with Secrets of “Acids, Bases & Salts and Qualitative Analysis revelaed”

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