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O Level Chemistry: School-based Science Practical Assessment (SPA)

Many students have been asking me on the things that need to take note when they are doing their SPA, and how not to loose marks to their teachers that have their “eagle eyes” on them.

School-based Science Practical Assessment (SPA) is a pretty new initiative by the Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE) to test the students on their ability to follow procedures correctly when carrying out an experiment to test for a certain theory or concepts.

Since this is the 1st time that we are discussing on this topic on SPA, how about we take a look at the requirements & weightage of this SPA section/paper. Information below are derived directly from the Singapore Examination & Assessment Board (SEAB) website which governs the syllabus and examination standards.

School-based Science Practical Assessment (SPA):
Paper 3 (96 marks)
The School-based Science Practical Assessment (SPA) will be conducted to assess appropriate aspects of objectives C1 to C6. SPA will take place over an appropriate period that the candidates are offering the subject. The assessment of science practical skills is grouped into 3 skill sets:
* Skill set 1 ? Implementing
* Skill set 2 ? Analysing
* Skill set 3 ? Planning
Each candidate is to be assessed only twice for each of skill sets 1 and 2 and only once for skill set 3.

Weighting and Marks Computation of the 3 Skill Sets:
The overall level of performance of each skill set (skill sets 1, 2 and 3) is the sum total of the level
of performance of each strand within the skill set.
The weighting and marks computation of the skill sets are as follows:

Hope you have a better idea of how the SPA is being assessed.

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