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Tips for O Level Chemistry Paper 1 (MCQs) Exam

Update: Check answers to 2018 O-Level Pure Chemistry MCQ Paper 1 answers

This programme tells me the topics that I am weak in and it emphasises the importance of getting full marks for Chemistry MCQ. I have learnt to manage my time wisely, which is crucial in doing Paper 1 as I usually could not finish the paper. I learnt more about the strategies of doing MCQ and revise on key concepts. I hope I am able to get full marks and I will recommend this to anyone taking O-Levels.
Cher Yi Jia, Nan Hua High School


In less than 5 days time, it will be the O Level Chemistry Paper 1 (MCQs) Examination.

Duration of Paper 1 is 1 hour and there will be 40 multiple choice questions for students taking the Pure Chemistry syllabus.

Paper 1 is based on total of 40 marks and the Weightage is as high as 30%, in case you are not aware of it. In view that paper 1 is only for 1 hour, you must not waste time. In fact you have an average of 1.5 minutes for each question.

Following are some Tips for taking Chemistry Paper 1 Exams: – I would recommend the sequence:

1) Quickly but carefully go through the paper, and shade all the answers to questions that you immediately know the correct answer. For questions that you are unsure of, or require more time to work out (such as Mole Calculation Questions), circle the question number and come back to it later.

2) Now, go through the paper looking at those questions number that you have circled earlier. Go through those carefully. You may be left with a few questions you cannot work out. You may have to make some guessing here, but to me, we have a method to “guess smartly”. I call it the ELIMINATION PROCESS.


Each question has 4 possible answers. It is important for you to eliminate as many unlikely choices and consider those that are still possbile. Doing elimination is better than anyhow guess the answers. Based on statistics probability, the chances of getting the answers correct if choosing blindly is 1/4 = 25% chance of getting it right. If you manage to eliminate 2 choices off, it simply means you have a 50% chance of getting the correct answers!!

You may be able to eliminate one or more of the choices bcos:

i) You have never seen it before, or

ii) the answers does not fit into other answers that you have came across from similar questions done before (rmbr i told you before that chemistry questions are pretty standard, the questions are pretty similar year-after-year, with minor changes to values and ways to testing you).

Hope this information helps!

Sean =)

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