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Up Your Chemistry Grades Now! – Truth & Myth

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I am very happy to receive several encouraging comments and reviews of the book, such as the one above by Rachel (one of the student reader of this chemistry blog). It shows that my effort to help both local & overseas chemistry students has not been wasted.

Its been several days since we launched my new Chemistry book “Up Your Chemistry Grades Now!” and several dozens of the ebook has been snapped up quickly by students (as well as parents) who are committed to score more marks in their upcoming O Level Chemistry Exams.

A F-R-E-E Introductory Section of the book has also been made available for immediate downloads.

For those that have either downloaded the F-R-E-E Introductory Section or got the Whole Book, i am certain that you are learning something at the moment to score more marks in Chemistry Exams.

We (my assistants) have also received an avalanche of email enquiries & questions on this Chemistry Book – on how this book will help them in improving their chemistry grades quickly & effectively.

So i have decided to share with you the TRUTH & MYTH of this book.

Up Your Chemistry Grades Now! book


1) It is NOT a Ten Years Series with lots of Past Years Questions. For those, there are many books already out there in major bookstore. You can look at some of my recommendations @ “Bookstore”

2) It is NOT an assessment book that gives you short notes on each chapter. There are even more books out there with such short notes.

3) It is NOT a book that tells you how to spot questions in Chemistry Exams. Cos i don’t believe in spotting questions. Chemistry is ALL about concepts – once you get the concepts right, all chapters seems to link together suddenly.

4) It is NOT a textbook where there are huge chunks of information that are simply indigestible.

this new Chemistry Book is in fact….


1) A QUICK Chemistry Guidebook that allows you to know what are the common errors that are made by many students like you. “Common errors” refers to the wrong concepts that many students didnt realised.

2) “Chemistry Tips” provided to show you what Examiners are really looking out for? There is a certain way to score FULL MARKS only when you know how the question are phrased by the examiners and how to answer them effectively.

3) An easily digestible book with Question-By-Quesiton and Point-By-Point Analysis. This will allow you to pick out “TIPS” quickly & effectively. Examiners Comments are added to the Students Answers so that you can relate the thought process qucikly & effectively.

4) A good “final revision” material to read through after you have finished revising your notes, and past years exam papers. It aims to help you realised whether your thought process on answering exam-questions is right or wrong.. (Doing Ten Years Series is definitely important, but it does not mean that you going to score in exams)

5) Compilation of ALL the Chemistry Definitions / Terms that you need to know for your Chemistry Exams

6) Chemistry Book for Chemistry Students from the Experiences of many other Chemistry Students. Sample Students Answers are based on answers by real-life students that i had previously coached.

7) Book is suitable for GCE “N”, “O” Level Students, Secondary 3 as well as students under the IB and ICGSE programs.

I hope this blogpost will answer some of the questions in your mind.

Examination is near…Study Hard!

Wishing You The Best in Your Chemistry Success,
Sean Chua
Master Trainer /Chemistry Coach
Author Up Your Chemistry Grades Now! book

PS: For those that have purchased the book, please remember to download & claim the 2 bonus gifts..which many believed to be equally valuable as the book. …It is just my way of saying thanks for the TRUST and BELIEVE!

Hear what others said about the book:

??Up Your Chemistry Grades Now!? is really adequate to accomplish a purpose:A1 for ?O? Levels Chemistry! I cannot thank you more Sean!?

Melissa Julyanti, O Level Student from Gan Eng Seng School 2008

?Hi Sean,

Thanks for a well written ebook and the lots of useful tips.
Perhaps the next step is for you to write a solution book on the 10 year Chemistry series.
That is why I am looking forward urgently to your June 2008 Chemistry Papers.

Thanks for your help.?

Lim Poh Seng, Parent

?I applaud the efforts of Sean 4 putting a book which is overflowing with chemical goodness.?

Dixon Wong, O Level Student 2008

?It was great. as i read through ?Up your chemistry grades now? , i realised that there were actually things that i didnt know, especially some of the common mistakes i made.?

Chew Siying, O Level Student 2008

?Hi Sean,

I have bought this book for my daughter, she has given the feedback as follows :

To be honest, she did not really understand Chemistry well, after getting the book on Friday for her, when she reads through the book competely – She finds it fantastic. She can even understand better when she try out the questions and look thru the bonus video provided . She finds it knowledgable. Most important, your book has identify the Common Mistakes Made by many Other Students – this section has caught her attention. Finally, the book is written for easy reference and understanding.Great thanks!

I even recommended your website to my friends.?

Evelyn Wong, Parent

?Hi Mr. Sean.

I was quite sceptical when my friend showed me this website and encourage me to get a copy of your E-book. However at $7.00, it worth the risk and the rest are history.

Your book is concise,precise and full of study tips that I could relate to Chemistry and my other subjects. If I ever score A1 for my chemistry, I will owe it to you!

Thanks again!?

Peter, O Level Student 2008

?Hi Sean,

I?m dropping by to say thanx!

My mum bought the book for me without asking me. I was angry at first ?cos I mean I don?t have time to even finish revision and she gives me another thing to read.

But you know what I find the common errors and the examination tips extremely useful! I mean I sometimes also make those mistakes you point out. Luckily you included the correct answer else I would have struggled! After reading those, i am more confident for my Chem!

Wish me luck!

Note: hey, you must launch your book earlier in future!?

Rachel, O Level Student 2008

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