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"What Would Happen To Your Chemistry Grade When ...You learn and apply all the tips and strategies used by top students to score in Mole Calculations"

For Sec 4 & 5 Pure Chemistry & Combine Science Students

Want To Earn The Marks You Truly Deserve For 'O' Levels?
  From Desk of Sean Chua

With GCE O Level Exams less than 70 days away, many students are still facing the challenge of passing their Chemistry papers, not to mention scoring A1. Among this group of students, they are the hardworking ones who do not seem to get what they deserve, no matter how much effort they put into studying of Chemistry. The main reason for many students is due to the weak foundation in their basic essential concepts and the lack of ability to link concepts to application of problem solving in exams.

To be able to do really well in Chemistry, you must first have a solid foundation of your essential concepts of most which are covered in Sec 3s. This will accelerate your understanding of the application topics much easily. Secondly, you must have effective and easy strategies to link the concepts to the application so that you can score in exams by answering to the questions within the time frame.

Why Mole Calculations Mastery Workshop?

"Mole Calculations is a concept which is so important that it is tested in every Chemistry Exams blended in ANY type of question, yet many students are lacking the essential understanding of how to score in this area."

Mole Calculations also known as Formulae, Mole Concepts and Chemical Calculations is the #1 Killer Chemistry Topic for many students based on my 10 years of Chemistry Coaching. This is further supported by the poll done at SimpleChemConcepts.com, asking students to vote on their biggest challenge in Chemistry.

Mole Calculations is voted to be the biggest challenge faced in the learning of Chemistry! (As shown below)

In 'O' Level Chemistry (as well as IGCSE Programme), Mole Calculations is a very important component: it is the topic which is integrated with any other Chemistry topics as observed in past few years of GCE 'O' Levels papers. Basically, Mole Calculations will be tested on in every Chemistry Exams. Can your child afford not to be a master in this topic? Just like Calculus is the language for Mathematics, Mole Concept & Calculations is the heartbeat for Chemistry. Imagine how your child state of mind will be affected when they cannot handle the Mole Calculations in their 'O' Levels while their peers are cruising through the papers, just because they knew the strategies to solve the questions!

How many of your child face any of the following problems in Mole Calculations?

  • Do not know where to start after reading the question
  • Not sure which formula (or combination of formulae) to use
  • Problem in applying the chemistry theories and mathematical formulae together to solve questions
  • Problem in memorizing the formulae because do not understand how it is being used
  • Problem in getting the correct chemical formulae for each compound
  • Problem in balancing the chemical equation in order to continue other parts of question
  • Cannot see the overall steps in getting final answer
  • Not enough time in answering questions requiring calculations

No matter which problem your child faces, there is a piece of GOOD NEWS! 

"Everything about Mole Calculations - the strategies, usage of correct formulae, the keywords to identify, understanding of the question ...Can be Learnt within 1 day!"

At the Mole Calculations Mastery Workshop, your child will Participate & Learn:

bullet How to write Word Equations
bullet How to deduce Chemical Formulae of compounds
bullet Balancing of Chemical Equations involving state symbols
bullet Determination of Ionic Equations
bullet Calculation of Relative Atomic Mass
bullet Calculation of Relative Molecular Mass (Mr)
bullet Application of Concepts on Isotopes and Its Effects
bullet Calculation of Empirical Formulae & Molecular Formulae from relevant data
bullet The Mole & Its Calculation
bullet  Calculation of % Mass of An Element in a Compound
bullet Concept of Molar Gas Volume
bullet Calculation of Stoichiometric Reacting Masses
bullet Calculation of Stoichiometric Volume of Reacting gases
bullet Determination of Limiting & Excess Reactants
bullet Application of Concepts on Solutions Concentration (in mol/dm3 or g/dm3)
bullet Volumetric Titration & Its Calculations
bullet Calculation of % Yield & % Purity from relevant data

" The pace of the workshop is just right and this has been an educational yet enjoyable experience. Sean has made learning of Chemistry both fun and informative with his comical actions and witty jokes. I would definitely attend more of his workshops in the future. Thank you for changing my impression of Chemistry"

Leonard Tan - St Andrew School


" I have benefitted greatly from the workshop. I learnt more in the workshop than in school. Sean has also shown us how Chemistry is applicable to our everyday life. The programme is different from the rest of other programmes I have attended as I can relate more of the concepts to what I see, this helps me greatly in my understanding. I would definitely recommend more friends to his programmes!"

Marcus Goh - Queensway Sec Sch, C6 to A2 in less than 6 months

"Yes, glad to see what Marcus has achieved for his O Level results. Thanks alot to you too with all your coaching help and encouragement. I will highly recommend you to my friends."
                                                                                                                            Celestina, Parent of Marcus Goh

"An enriching experience! I have learnt new knowledge of Chemistry and the different learning techniques. It was well organized with a much more conducive environment. I have benefited much from the programme!" 

Joscelin Chew - Nan Hua High School, A1 (O levels), Now in NJC

"Thank you very much for your guidance for my daughter during the short period last year. Thanks lot"
                                                                                                                                Lucy, Parent of Joscelin Chew

"This magnificent workshop has truly benefitted me a lot by making me understand all my doubts about Chemistry. Aside from that, it has also motivated me to put in more effort in Chemistry! Mr Sean Chua would definitely receive more of my participation in his future workshops and recommendations to my friends."

Chua Tok Sheng - Bedok South Sec Sch


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Sean Chua is the Master Trainer and Founder of SimpleChemConcepts.com - No. 1 website on Google.com, Yahoo.com for 'O level Chemistry Tips'

He is also the author of the best selling Chemistry Guide Book "Up Your Chemistry Grades Now!". Sold over 10 countries in less than 4 months!!

He is also the creator and trainer for

  • 'O' Level Chemistry Intensive BootCampTM ,
  • 'O' Level Organic Chemistry Mastery WorkshopTM,
  • O' Level Redox & Electrolysis Mastery WorkshopTM,
  • 'O' Level Acids, Bases & Salt Mastery WorkshopT,
  • 'O' Level Essential Concepts Revision WorkshopTM (1st time ever in Singapore).

Over the last ten years, he has coached hundreds of students to achieve the marks they truly deserve. He has also rekindled their interest in Chemistry so much so that many of them are furthering their study in chemistry-related courses and in fact, a handful of them will be joining the booming chemical industry.

He wants to invite your child to come and spend 1 whole day together where he will be coaching and delivering proven and effective Mole Calculations tips, strategies and scoring formulae which have consistently worked for many students to get the results they truly deserve. All he asks is that you come with an open mind, a willingness to participate and we will take care of the rest.

Students from over 70 Schools we have worked with:

When this happens, everything changes......

"Sean is full of passion to relate abstract Chemistry Theories to his students in an enjoyable way, and shares from his heart"                                                                                             Mrs Vina Yeow, Parent


"Sean has made it possible for me to understand certain Chemistry Concepts much better. There are several fundamentals that he insists on me knowing it, that I initially thought of skipping. His analogies and ways of relating chemistry to everyday life is very apt and makes it easier for me to grasp the concepts. Appreciate your help Sean! I would highly recommend Sean to you; especially if you face problems in understanding those Chemistry Concepts, because he makes it so simple to relate to"

Cheney Wong, St Andrew Sch, D7 (Sec 4 Mid-year) to A1 (O Level)


"Hi Sean.

Thanks very much for your tutoring. It has definitely helped Natalie in achieving her goals. She got an A2 for her Combine Science Chemistry from D7 (Prelims) in very short period!"

Valerie, Mother of Natalie (Mayflower Sec Sch) D7 to A2 in less than 4 weeks!



"Sean helped me to reinforce my understanding of Chemistry concepts. I find his method of teaching very novel"

Cai Wenrui - Saint Joseph Institution


"Sean used interesting techniques to teach the subject. For the first time, I do not feel tired after studying a day of Chemistry. He is really a different person who inspired me with all his taglines. I'm sure with his training; I'm able to do better as I'm able to grasp the topics which I once hated!"  

Stephanie Chan - Choa Chu Kang Sec Sch

Find out how Sean has transformed hundreds of students from Ds to As within 4 months.

If your child

  • Is still frustrated with their current results despite putting in tremendous effort
  • Is still not scoring the marks they truly deserve despite lots of revision books, tuition classes, etc
  • Wants a comprehensive Mole Calculations revision just before their school examinations, Prelims & 'O' levels
  • Is committed to do whatever it takes to achieve the grades they truly desire

"Although intensive, I have absorbed many things about Chemistry. Thank you Mr Chua for putting in so much effort just for us! I have really enjoyed myself during the programme and absorbed a lot of knowledge and information. I am grateful for the commitment you put in"

Kwee Jun Wei, Maris Stella High School


"It seems to be easier to understand. It has helped me to have more confidence when doing Chemistry. If my friends had the opportunity to attend these 4 days of Intensive Classes, they would readily accept."

Nikhil A Bheeroo, College du St. Espirit, Mauritius
(International student taking GCE O Level Exams, flown 7hrs to attend the Workshop)

What will you learn in Mole Calculations Workshop:

Comprehensive coverage of 100% fundamental concepts of the GCE 'O' Level Mole Calculations syllabus through Associations, Analogies, Applications & Accelerated Learning TechnologiesTM

Hand-Hold Step-by-Step teaching to ensure full grasp and understanding of concepts through Power Notes organized for effective learning

Categorizing questions & Identifying the correct formulae to use quickly
Specific strategies on how to analyze challenging O Level-based questions selected on the latest MOE Curriculum
Practice Application-type questions through Effective & Time-Saving Problem Solving Strategies
Instilling Confidence to score in calculation questions

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 'O' Level MOLE CALCULATIONS Mastery Workshop

Date                   5, 12 September 2009 (Saturday)
9 am - 1 pm
Venue                 YMCA Orchard  
(Dhoby Ghaut MRT; Opposite Cathay Picturehouse Cinema)


Early Bird Price

S$380  S$280 (Save $100)

Register for 'O' Level MOLE CALCULATIONS Mastery Workshop NOW!

For 1st 8 Sign Ups ONLY

BONUS #1 : 8 weeks Email Coaching TM
Get your questions on Mole Calculations answered by Sean within 48 hours. This is our commitment towards your child academic success!

(Worth $400)
BONUS #2 : Mole Calculations Mastery Videos 
10 sets of challenging exam questions simplified and explained in a step by step manner for accelerated learning and application.
(Worth $250)


Total                   $650


          visit : http://www.simplechemconcepts.com/signup

          email : admin@WinnersEducation.com

          call : 9828 7357

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For International students who are flying in, we are most glad to assist you with your accommodations arrangements.

  "Mr Chua (Sean) has made many concepts and topics more understandable and comprehensive. Also, there were many times I had questions that could not be answered by the textbook and Mr Chua (Sean) has always been able to provide me an answer. There were also times where exam questions will come out that were not reflected in the textbook but he has been able to help me understand how to approach the question. I would highly recommend Mr Chua (Sean) to those that face challenges with Chemistry Concepts because he is a good coach and he truly deserves it. He is also the type of person who encourages and gives direction to students so that we not only learn to overcome the challenges but learn to love them.
Thank you Mr Chua (Sean) for helping me inculcate a great love for the sciences (yes, not just Chemistry)! I truly appreciate all your help, because I believe that the passion of my studies that you have helped me developed will bring me to great heights in life. Thank You and never stop teaching cause it is what you are good at Mr Chua" (Sean)

Ruth Ng Hui En, Crescent Girl Sch, C5 to A2

See you at the workshop!

Sean Chua

Master Trainer & Founder of SimpleChemConcepts.com
Author of "Up Your Chemistry Grades Now!" (Sold over to 10 different countries)



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